Like A Dream To Me.

We cut down branch after branch as we make our way through the dense jungle. My partner Eddie, our professor Mr. Thomas and I have been on an adventure to see the world. Our travels have brought us here, to the jungle. After about an hour of bushes, trees, and insects we finally stumble upon a clearing.

Before us is a huge ancient looking castle. Eddie and I look to each other and decide to go inside. Our professor follows, commenting on the type of doors and the tall archways, and who knows what else. When we get inside, we see there is an extremely high ceiling and many different floors and hallways. We look in door after door but there is nothing but empty rooms and dusty hallways. We finally reach the top floor and there is only one narrow hallway that leads to a door. We open the door to find a huge library with thousands of books. There is a big square opening in the wall at the back of the room which lets in some light. As I moved further into the room and take a closer look at the shelves, I see that the books are not books but actually small containers. I open one to find that there are small chocolates in the containers.

” Professor”, I call, “The room is full of chocolate”!  We each go to different bookshelves to see that this is true; Hundreds of thousands of containers of ancient chocolate. Above each bookcase of containers is painting of a person.

“I assume that those paintings are either the ruler of the castle at that time, or possibly the keeper of the library…who knows”, Professor thinks aloud.

I walk into the center of the library to see a raised portion with a few podiums. On each podium is a container. In the middle there is a stone with an engraving on it. After a rough attempt at translating it Eddie come to the conclusion that it says ‘Do not Touch, Beware of the Dragon”.

“Professor this isn’t making any sense, a room full of chocolate and a engraving saying to beware of a dragon”, she sighs exasperatingly, ” we have come all this way and haven’t found anything worth publishing”.

I look up at the ceiling and see intricate paintings and stone designs and a giant opening in the middle.

“Well we’ve seen everything, lets go” I say as I turn to see Eddie pick something up and put on her lips, “what are you doi-“.  A loud shriek cuts me off and a shadow passes swiflty over us. Professor runs over and immediatley jumps into action ” Eddie has released the dragon….she ate the chocolate”!  Suddenly there is a dragon in front of us.


“You bet it is”, Professor, suddenly and expert on dragons, yells, “use your ropes and tie each limb to a pillar. Somehow after about 15 minutes we actually manage to do so.

Professor then gives us thick sticks, “take these sticks and hit the dragon, it must be physically beaten in order to recapture it”. Not knowing what else to do we take his advice and soon the dragon is still. Then it starts to quiver and there is a bright flash of light and the floor begins to shake. We drop to the ground and close our eyes,when we open our eyes we see that the dragon has turned into an owl.  Eddie and I sit on the floor confused, not able to understand what just happened.

“Its over”, says Professor. He puts the owl into an iron cage. ” How’s that for the 7 o’clock news”.

I am still on the floor trembling so badly that I can’t get up. I close my eyes and try to calm myself. In the distance I hear music playing. It seems to be getting louder and louder.

“I can’t take anything else”, I shout as I shut my eyes tighter. Finally the music is so loud that curiosity forces to open my eyes. I am shocked to see that I am in a bedroom lying on my stomach on fresh creamed colored sheets. As I look around the room looks more familiar, ‘this….it’s my bedroom’, I think to myself. Confused I sit up in bed. Was that all a dream? My body still feels tense from trembling. I look beside me to see the source of the music, my cell phone alarm ringing. I shut off the alarm and lay back down. Closing my eyes, I think about my dream. It felt so real. Still slightly shaken I listen to the birds singing outside my window and somehow I drift back to sleep.


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