Prompt 256

I sit in silence, thinking back on my life.

I grew up right on the edge of the forest. In Autumn days, I danced as the wind whirled through the trees. The leaves had let go of their green hue and changed into beautiful shades of yellow, orange, and red. Squirrels gathered their nuts, and the birds called to each other as they took to the skies.

As the season changed to winter, snow flakes swirled in the air, gently settling into gleaming blankets of white. A white rabbit hopped through the frolicking flakes, hastening towards it burrow. Many days and nights were cold and quiet; But as warmer days came closer, glossy green buds popped through the branches.

The forest became new again.

The birds returned and brought with them melodious symphonies. Flowers bloomed, sending their aromatic fragrances into each corner of the forest. I am so glad to have grown up by the forest. My youthful days were exciting and filled with beauty.

I am old now. As I stretch in the warmth of the midday sun, my limbs shudder and creak. With a sigh I look at my surroundings. I no longer live at the edge of the forest, all of the trees are gone. Cut down in their old age and hauled away, leaving only a stump as their legacy. The birds no longer sing their song; they have moved on in search of trees to nest in. The squirrels no longer have nuts to gather, and the rabbits and flowers have lost their companions.

Only I stand, weary in the winter of life. Waiting for the day when I too will leave my legacy behind.


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